Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019

Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019

Piquette fun

Piquette is a low alcohol wine traditionally made for vineyard workers to quench their thirst during or after a hard day’s work in the sun.

The recipe is simply:

After pressing the grape pomace to extract the remainder of its juice, you pour over some spring water and let it ferment a second time.


The result is a light, juicy and extremely refreshing wine.

It’s not a wine whose aromatic complexity you will dwell on for very long. Instead it’s a wine for immediate enjoyment. And a wine that you may choose to drink on occasions where you’d usually reach for a beer. A beverage for good times.

Piquette is fun!

And so is Fabien’s one liter of ‘Piquette Oldschool’.

(At 9,5% of alcohol)

Just have a look at the bottle…

– which displays one of six different labels…

– with one of six cheeky underpants designs…

– one of each in a case.

Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019 (1L)

Fabien Jouves Les Pièces Longues 2019

Fabien Jouves Les Pièces Longues 2017

Long pieces

Only six weeks ago I told you about Les Pièces Longues 2017.

It’s gone now, of course.

Fortunately the nineteen vintage is ready.

Still grapey

Still childish

Still adorable

Just to sum it up. Les Pièces Longues is one hundred percent Chenin Blanc. No maceration. Aged in used barrique and foudre. No sulfur added.

It’s definitely not the most acidic of Chenins. But it’s well balanced, quite aromatic, light as a feather…

– and just extremely drinkable!

Fabien Jouves Les Pièces Longues 2019

Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

Fabien’s forgotten friends

When I poured my first glass of this wine it struck me: What if it had been served to me blind in a black glass?

Would I have guessed that it was a red wine?

Probably not.

I might have guessed orange.

Or perhaps I would have saved myself the embarrassment with the help of a couple of red references, namely István Bencze’s Pinot Noir and Karl Schnabel’s ‘Sausal’.

So it’s red. But why then do I get this white wine aroma?

Let’s have a look at the varieties.




Juracon Noir

Well, I don’t know about you, but except the last one I have no idea if these grapes are blue or green. So I did a little web searching. And it turns out that ‘Noual’ is a white wine variety. But that’s about the info I was able to find.

‘Autochtones’ is Fabien Jouves’ celebration of four forgotten local varieties. In the chalky soils of his southwestern France.

Besides the fruity nose of an aromatic orange, it is…

– Spicylicious

– Juicy like the juiciest of Gamays.

– Cheekily volatile 

– An energetic youngster

– Gone like dew before the sun

Thanks Fabien – for introducing me to your forgotten friends!

Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

Fabien Jouves Skin Contact 2020

Fabien Jouves Skin Contact 2020

Orange soif

I have no idea why.

But when Fabien decides to macerate his white wine – even for several months – they still appear super quaffable.

This one, made from Gros Manseng, Ugni Blanc and Muscat d’Alexandrie, spent three months on the skins in a steel tank. Then half a year in a mix of steel, barrique and foudre. 

And still… juicy as hell!

And of the fresh, charming and aromatic kind.

I am going to bring my bottle out in the sun today. Share it safely with a few friends. And dream of the bright times ahead.

And imagine how we’ll soon be able to hug and dance and have a little…


Fabien Jouves Skin Contact 2020

Fabien Jouves Les Agudes 2020

Fabien Jouves Les Agudes 2020

Half bottle

Knowing how well this wine works in size magnum, it’s a bit strange to be offering what I consider a half bottle of Les Agudes.

What is Les Agudes?

Ugni Blanc
Newly-picked fruit
Broad appeal


All that, stuffed inside half a bottle!

Fabien Jouves Les Agudes 2020

Fabien Jouves À table ! ! ! 2020

Fabien Jouves À table 2020

À table ! ! !

Lunch is ready, have a seat!

Pour yourself a big glass of rosé and relax. Don’t fancy rose? Well, do it anyway. I think you’re gonna like this. I am absolutely convinced.

“À table ! ! !” is Malbec, Tannat and Merlot. 

It’s partly ‘saignée’ (closer to a red than traditional rosé) and partly ‘direct press’ (closer to white than red). It’s aged partly in cement, and more noticeable, partly in barrique.

I definitely prefer a dark and bold rosé to the traditional ones, no doubt about it!

And for years “À table ! ! !” has been one of my personal benchmarks for this style of rosé.

Nice looks.

Extremely fruity.

Creamy and solidly built.

Very, very clean.

A fantastic rosé.

Actually, when I come to think about it. It smells, tastes and behaves just like it looks.

And it looks nice, eh?

Fabien Jouves À table ! ! ! 2020

Fabien Jouves NDD 2019

Can’t blame the gods

NDD stands for “Nectar des dieux”.

(“Nectar of the gods”)

And I must say, if this is what the gods have been drinking for the last year and a half I can’t blame them for the mess they’ve made.

It’s the quintessence of ‘vin soif’, a wine as thirst quenching as water from a spring.

A blend of…

– Malbec (Fabien’s main variety that he’s made into numerous delicious soifs during the years)

– Muscat de Hambourg (blue Muscat, a first for me!)

– Cinsault (adds freshness and perfume)

– Grenache Noire (also known for its easy accessible wines)

Maybe you’ve noticed the trend of 1-liter bottles lately. It may seem silly, but for me it’s a signal. A strong signal. It tells me that I should expect to finish the bottle fast.

It’s a promise.

And a promise kept.

(Actually, a 5-liter BiB would be appropriate too.)

Because… divine or not…

It’s freakin’ tasty!

Fabien Jouves NDD 2019 (1L)