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Andreas Durst Pinot Noir -S- 2015

Andreas Durst Pinot Noir S 2015

Queen S

Pinot Noir is the queen of grape varieties. So Andreas treats each grape as a little prince or princess.

They have now grown up into charming adult personalities inside their well-proportioned Burgundy bottles. Dressed in simple white shirts, saving all the magic for those who choose to take a closer look.

Andreas Durst makes two almost similar Pinot Noirs. The difference is the ‘S’.

S is for sulphur.

Bottling the wine with a bit of SO2 preserves the wine. For many winemakers the process is merely  a safety measure. For Andreas Durst it seems more intentional. I think he wants to make a wine that’s a little more within the lines than it’s wild (unsulphured) sister. Where the fruity nuances are immediately visible and the recognizability of the Pinot Noir is high.

Sure, this choice may sometimes be at the expense of extreme levels of wildness and vibrancy, but in this case I am glad that Andreas decided to make both versions.

Pinot Noir S is indeed still a playful type. It’s pure and clean in nose and mouth, and it’s acidity-driven style highlights every curve of it’s lightly dressed body. It’s as sexy as a German queen gets and will remain so for at least half a decade more.

Andreas Durst Pinot Noir S 2015

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