Buy collectively

Buying wine collectively as a group will save you a lot of money. And we genuinly wish to help you achieve that goal. Here you can learn how it’s done.

About our price policy has a retail price policy that looks like this:

  • The base price (price of the 1st bottle) is competitive with the level of other Danish wine shops, online as well as offline.
  • Buying larger quantities (24+ bottles) makes the price of each bottle competitive with the price of local wine shops near the winegrower or the wholesale price level of a typical Danish importer.
  • We reward curiosity by applying the quantity discounts across all wines and winegrowers on This means that you don’t have to buy 24 bottles of the same wine to get your discount, in principle you can buy 24 different wines.)

An obvious way to take advantage of our price structure is to organize a collective order between friends, family and colleagues.

How to buy collectively

Collective orders are organized by you and your peers. We are here to help you decide which wines to order. But organizing and completing the order is your job. Typically one person will take the lead and act as the organizer.

Here are a few things for the organizer to consider:

  • Who do you want to invite to join your collective order, and how can you make them feel committed and safe during the process?
  • When is the deadline?
  • Which discount level are you aiming for? (6, 12 or 24 bottles)
  • How and when should participants pay you for their individual orders?
  • How will the wines be distributed to the participants? (hint: we can help you with that, see below)

If you need further advise, don’t hesitate to contact

How we can help

We offer our assistance throughout the process:

Getting your friends onboard

Your friends trust you more than anyone. So it is mainly your job to get them onboard.

That said, we strongly recommend that you send them this link to a nice little introduction page:

… where we explain everything they need to know about how we may help them.

Deciding on the wines

We offer three different options to help you decide which wines to order. Choose the one you prefer or combine them as you like.


70-80 % of’s wines can be tasted before you decide whether to buy it. Just look for the “Tasting availability” info in the bottom of the product page or apply the appropriate search filter. The tastings are quick, easy and informal. We charge DKK 10,- for each wine you wish to taste.

Book your tasting here >>

(Or drop by Thursdays 3pm-6pm)

Personal guidance

If you want serious personal guidance just leave us a message with a few words about your preferences and budget. Joachim will get back to you in no time with a few suggestions.

Email >>

Explore the facts

Each wine on the marketplace is accompanied by extended info containing descriptions, production detail and specific serving advise from the winegrower.

Explore the marketplace >>

Post-order organization

It may be helpful for to separate the collective order from the post-order process of storage, pick-up or shipping.

Splitting the order

We can split and pack the collective order into individual packages for each participant. The request must be made by the person who completed the collective order, and we need the following info for each participant:
– Name
– Email
– Phone number
– List of wines

Pick-up or shipping

After splitting the order into smaller units each individual order can be picked up or shipped as the participant wishes.

You can see our options and prices here:

To order shipping, send a message to


Wine is meant to be drunk. But you don’t have to hurry. We will store your wines until you decide to get your hands on them. Your wines are kept horizontal, in the dark, at a temperature of about 18 degrees celsius.