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Campinuovi Montecucco Sangiovese 2016

Campinuovi Montecucco Sangiovese 2016


Daniele left his native Piedmont to study and make wine in Tuscany.

He wanted to work with Sangiovese and, in effect, had to turn his back to the local king of grape varieties, Nebbiolo. That requires great conviction I think.

In Tuscany he found a mentor in Giulio Gambelli with whom he worked for several years. In 2000, after several years of searching while making big, prominent Sangiovese wines as a consultant, he finally found the right spot to begin his own adventures.

Daniele’s “Campinuovi” is located in Montecucco, 20 km south of Montalcino.

His Montecucco Sangiovese is a great display of pure, traditional winemaking and respect for the Sangiovese’s inherent potential.

Cherries and blackcurrant stand out as the primary fruit with an underlying leafy and tomato-like aroma blending in. And then there’s the trademark balsamic taste clearly present throughout the show. The texture is fine-grained and juicy and there’s a cool touch of iron on the finish line. Though you will not be surprised to learn that this wine spent a year in giant used barrels there are no signs of excessive oak flavors in this one. And thank god for that!

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Campinuovi Montecucco Sangiovese 2016

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