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Cume do Avia No. 6 Colleita (2018)

Cume do Avia No. 6 Colleita (2018)

Even the elders are too young to remember

My first encounter with this wonderful glass of wine was on a sunny September afternoon.

Not the most complex of wines but everything I needed in that moment. Bright red fruit. Spice. Lightness. A beautiful balance and fast approaching need for another sip.

No.6 Colleita refers to number of harvests it has taken the four cousins at Cume do Avia to reach this point in their adventure. The four guys started from scratch by planting no less than 20 varieties indigenous to their region – Ribeiro, Galicia.

They were determined to plant old local varieties because the safest way to be working without additives in the production is usually to work with the varieties that has stood the test of time (until industrial methods took over the entire region). But different varieties require different care, and when you start from zero it is nice to have someone to ask for advise. But unfortunately asking the local elders for advise wasn’t very helpful, since even the elders were too young to remember the time when those grape varieties dominated their land.

So what you are tasting here is a blank canvas. Plus a few years of preparation. Plus six years of winemaking.

No. 6 Colleita is made from Brancellao, Caiño Longo and Souson.

And it desperately wants to be there by your side when the sun breaks free again.

Cume do Avia No. 6 Colleita (2018)

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