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Fabien Jouves À table ! ! ! 2020

Fabien Jouves À table 2020

À table ! ! !

Lunch is ready, have a seat!

Pour yourself a big glass of rosé and relax. Don’t fancy rose? Well, do it anyway. I think you’re gonna like this. I am absolutely convinced.

“À table ! ! !” is Malbec, Tannat and Merlot. 

It’s partly ‘saignée’ (closer to a red than traditional rosé) and partly ‘direct press’ (closer to white than red). It’s aged partly in cement, and more noticeable, partly in barrique.

I definitely prefer a dark and bold rosé to the traditional ones, no doubt about it!

And for years “À table ! ! !” has been one of my personal benchmarks for this style of rosé.

Nice looks.

Extremely fruity.

Creamy and solidly built.

Very, very clean.

A fantastic rosé.

Actually, when I come to think about it. It smells, tastes and behaves just like it looks.

And it looks nice, eh?

Fabien Jouves À table ! ! ! 2020

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