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Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

Fabien’s forgotten friends

When I poured my first glass of this wine it struck me: What if it had been served to me blind in a black glass?

Would I have guessed that it was a red wine?

Probably not.

I might have guessed orange.

Or perhaps I would have saved myself the embarrassment with the help of a couple of red references, namely István Bencze’s Pinot Noir and Karl Schnabel’s ‘Sausal’.

So it’s red. But why then do I get this white wine aroma?

Let’s have a look at the varieties.




Juracon Noir

Well, I don’t know about you, but except the last one I have no idea if these grapes are blue or green. So I did a little web searching. And it turns out that ‘Noual’ is a white wine variety. But that’s about the info I was able to find.

‘Autochtones’ is Fabien Jouves’ celebration of four forgotten local varieties. In the chalky soils of his southwestern France.

Besides the fruity nose of an aromatic orange, it is…

– Spicylicious

– Juicy like the juiciest of Gamays.

– Cheekily volatile 

– An energetic youngster

– Gone like dew before the sun

Thanks Fabien – for introducing me to your forgotten friends!

Fabien Jouves Autochtones 2019

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