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Fabien Jouves NDD 2019

Can’t blame the gods

NDD stands for “Nectar des dieux”.

(“Nectar of the gods”)

And I must say, if this is what the gods have been drinking for the last year and a half I can’t blame them for the mess they’ve made.

It’s the quintessence of ‘vin soif’, a wine as thirst quenching as water from a spring.

A blend of…

– Malbec (Fabien’s main variety that he’s made into numerous delicious soifs during the years)

– Muscat de Hambourg (blue Muscat, a first for me!)

– Cinsault (adds freshness and perfume)

– Grenache Noire (also known for its easy accessible wines)

Maybe you’ve noticed the trend of 1-liter bottles lately. It may seem silly, but for me it’s a signal. A strong signal. It tells me that I should expect to finish the bottle fast.

It’s a promise.

And a promise kept.

(Actually, a 5-liter BiB would be appropriate too.)

Because… divine or not…

It’s freakin’ tasty!

Fabien Jouves NDD 2019 (1L)

Skriv et svar