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Frisach Sang de Corb 2017

Celler frisach Sang de Corb 2017

Hairy Grenache

Or ‘Garnatxa Peluda’ as they call it in Catalunya.

Here’s an excerpt from wikipedia:

“… is a Grenache variant evolved to grow fuzz on the underside of its leaves to protect the vine from transpiration in hot climates, like the corresponding fuzz on rosemary or other mediterranean plants. Compared to its more widely planted cousin, it produces wines lower in alcohol and higher in acidity that show spicy and savory notes more readily as they age.”

Anyways… today’s wine is also made from Garnatxa Negra (the regular one) and Carignan.

‘Sang de Corb’ is pure balance. Sweet dark fruit with an anis twist on the nose. Harmonious and fruity-friendly in the mouth. A touch of iron fits the name perfectly (Sang de Corb means ‘Raven’s blood’), and beneath the surface lies something I still can’t put my finger on but desperately need to explore.

This may be the first time you hear of Celler Frisach.

But it will not be the last if you stick around here!

Frisach ‘Sang de Corb’ 2017

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