How it works: Join as a wine importer

Joining as a Danish wine importer is easy.

In short, we put your wines in our webshop, and you charge us commission for every wine that is sold. You need to physically deliver the wines to our warehouse before we start selling them. If a wine isn’t selling you are free to take it back anytime. When a customer buys one of your wines the payment is automatically split between you and All payments are in Euro. Your share will never be in our hands, and the frequency of payouts is completely up to you.

See if you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions?

  1. Are you only going to sell wines that adhere to our winegrowers’ production codex?
  2. Do you accept that you will not get paid before a customer orders your wine(s) in our webshop?
  3. Are you prepared to spend 15-20 minutes registering your company with Stripe, our online payment processing provider?
  4. Are you prepared to accept euro as payment? (we recommend getting a euro account in your bank to avoid exchange fees. You can use such an account to pay your suppliers.)
  5. Do you agree not to charge more than your regular wholesale price for your wines?
  6. Do you accept that we set the prices of your wines as we wish?
  7. Will you provide a tasting (or samples) of each wine we put on the platform?

Are the above statements fine with you?

Then let’s talk.

Call us or write us a couple of lines.

+ 45 51900253