Winegrower on – How it works

Winegrower on – How it works is a hybrid between a traditional wine importer and an open marketplace. We extract the best from both models to create a frictionless line between winegrowers and their fans. Formally we are your customer, but in reality our relationship can be characterized as a collaboration with the common goal of delivering a remarkable customer experience to your present and future fans.

We offer a commission based business relationship where you get paid as your wines get sold. This creates a steady flow of wine and allows us to focus on three tasks:

  1. Serve as matchmakers between you and future fans
  2. Selling wine at very attractive prices
  3. Doing excellent customer service

Below we’ll explain each of our offerings and answer a list of the questions that may arise when you consider joining our collaboration.

What we offer


Our model is tailor-made for the true, independent winegrower. We help you build and serve your own audience of many small customers instead of relying on a few big ones. We believe that your fans belong to you. By connecting you to your fans we empower you to serve them better, while reducing your long term risk.


We know Denmark and especially Copenhagen. We have a loyal audience of private customers who’s trust we have gained during the last seven years, and we have connections to part of the restaurant scene in Copenhagen. We actively sell wine to our audience, but in fact we consider it less like selling and more like matchmaking.

Attractive pricing

The commission-based model frees up a lot of capital for us. This not only allows us to spend our energy doing excellent customer service. It also allows us to work with lower margins and offer very attractive prices for our customers. Significantly lower prices usually means more sales. The increased steady sales should make up for “cost” of delayed payment. That’s the idea.


Regarding logistics we act completely as a traditional wine importer. This includes arranging shipping, handling, storing and delivering. We pay excise duties, order handling and process payments. In addition, you get your own web page and shop on our platform.

Awareness and community

We are actively building a community around you, your fellow winegrowers and your wines. Online this happens primarily through our email list and Instagram. Offline our work include activities at our Copenhagen based warehouse “Collective NG23“, public and private tastings, wine travels and the annual Vild Vin Festival.

Independence (both ways) offer independence. Although we are technically your Danish importer, we are not married to each other. If working with other Danish distributors can help you we will support you 100%. But the independence also works the other way, and we are not obligated to buy your wines if our collaborative efforts do not work as effectively as expected. You get paid when your wines are sold.

Steady demand

The commission based business model means that you don’t have to wait for us to place the next order. When we run out of wine you simply send us more. Provided you have wine in stock, this allows us to distribute your wines to customers all year round without interruptions.

Questions & answers

Below you’ll find a list of questions that we have been asked from winegrowers. Click each question to see our answer. And don’t hesitate to ask your own question.