Prices – how it works

Prices – how it works

Base price
Each wine has a base price, the price of a single bottle if your order contains 1-5 bottles.

Quantity discounts
If your order contains 6-11 bottles you get a 15% discount. If it contains 12+ bottles the discount is 20%

Mixing allowed
You can mix 6 or 12 different bottles to get the discounts. In other words, you don’t have to buy 6 or 12 bottles of the same wine to get your discount. We encourage you to get adventurous!

Offers vs quantity discounts
Quantity discounts are always calculated from the base price. So if a wine is “on sale” it will not be subject to further quantity discounts. “On sale” wines still count in the total order quantities that trigger the discounts.

Here are a couple of examples:

Wine A is on sale with a 10% discount
– Buy 1 bottle of A, get a 10% discount
– Buy 1 bottle of A and 5 bottles of B, get 15% on both A and B
– Buy 11 bottles of A and 1 bottle of B, get 20% on both A and B

Wine X is on sale with a 25% discount
– Buy 1 bottle of X, get a 25% discount
– Buy 1 bottle of X and 5 bottles of Y, get 25% on X and 15% on Y
– Buy 11 bottles of X and 1 bottle of Y, get 25% on X and 20% on Y

Don’t worry, it works seamlessly.

Daily GLS shop delivery is always €10. Weekly home or workplace delivery is always €20. You can pick up for free in three Copenhagen locations. Shipping in Europe starts at €30. We store your orders for free.

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Currency: Euro
On you are charged in EURO. You can switch between having the price displayed in EURO, DKK and SEK. But you are always charged in €.

About price levels
Our base price reflects a typical retail price in a wine shop. In general (and personal taste ignored), buying wine from the winegrower will get you the biggest bang for your buck.