d.b Schmitt Pinot Sekt Natur 2017

40.00 (Mix & Spar)

“You might be better off thinking Champagne than Sekt of this one, as that will give you a clearer impression of what is going on here. Concentrated soil expression, high acidity, mature overtones and super precise bubbles. You know that rich umami in a memorizing volatility that makes good champagne so damn addictive.”

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Bobler, Hvid


Weissburgunder, Spätburgunder


Rheinhessen, Tyskland

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Friends of Libre.vin

We collaborate with a number of like-minded Danish wine importers. The collaborations are intended to familiarize you with our friends while building a broad selection of the wines we love. Some of our friends are given free hands to curate a selection of their wines on the platform while others merely act as suppliers.

‘Friends of Libre.vin’ also include the branch of our business engaged in traditional imported wines, also known as ‘Vinhacker’.

To see the names of the importers just click the ‘Additional information’ tab on each wine’s product page.

Interested in a collaboration? Feel free to get in touch.

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