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Tatsis Malagouzia 2018

Tatsis Malagouzia 2018


On a glorious night I had this wine among many. Served blind, it immediately stood out. Then I gave it my full attention. And fell in love.

Our second rendez-vous only confirmed my first impression.

The aroma jumps right out of the glass. Sometimes this means a charming but rather one-dimensional experience. Not the case here.

This lively fella shines with its intriguing aromatic complexity. Flinty smoke, wet stone, anis, green pepper, gooseberry and a sort of candied fruit. Or is it honey? I’ll leave that up to you.

A crisp acidity blends in beautifully with a light creaminess. A pure wine with such a strong character.

Tatsis Malagouzia 2018

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