Terms and conditions


At Libre.dk you can order products via our webshop. All prices include VAT and other taxes. The prices are current prices. When you shop at libre.vin agreements are done in English. You will receive an order confirmation with an invoice attached via email once you have finished your order. You can always send us an email to ask for a copy of the invoice

At libre.vin you are shopping in Euros (€). Via a switch/button on every product page you can also choose to view the (rounded) amounts in Danish kroner (DKK) . If you are accessing libre.vin from a location inside of Denmark, you will probably see the prices in DKK, but the final price of the products are still traded in Euros.


At libre.vin Stripe is used as the payment solution, and you can use the following payment methods:

  • Visa (no fees)
  • Mastercard (no fees)
  • American Express (no fees)

Payments will be raised when the order is delivered.

We will never (and are not capable of) withdraw a larger amount than the amount approved by you when you authorize the payment.

Payment for pre-orders

When you buy wine as a pre-order Libre.vin reserves the right to withdraw the payment for your order before the wine is shipped to you. A pre-order means that you order one or several wines before they have arrived from the producer. When a wine is sold as a pre-order, it will be clearly stated in both sales material (usually an e-mail) and on the product page in the webshop

Cancellation, returns and satisfaction guarantee

If you wish to cancel an order, exchange a wine or just want a plain refund, it’s not a problem. Just write us an email at libre@vinhacker.dk and we will help you.

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