What we do

We connect small scale natural winegrowers with Danish consumers and professionals. Our Copenhagen based warehouse acts as your remote Danish storage. The online platform gathers all the wines on a shared marketplace, but each winegrower also get their own web page and shop. We handle all the administrative tasks fast and efficiently. The rest of our energy is spent developing the platform and growing a community around winegrowers, consumers and professionals.

Who we do it with

We are looking for small scale winegrowers who work organically in the vineyard and naturally in the winery. We are not fanatics, but we demand full disclosure on your winemaking practices. You are not the type who hide behind exclusivity deals and other small monopolies. You appreciate the value in connecting directly with your fans. You believe in independence as the best investment for the future.

How we do it

We invite you to apply for Libre.vin. After having your application accepted you finish the registration process. We are glad to help you decide which wines and how many bottles you should send. Once you’ve packed the wines, we take over. When your wines have arrived we add them to our online marketplace, announce their arrival and start working with them towards Danish consumers and professionals. Once you make a sale, your share is automatically added to your Stripe Connect balance, which is transferred to your bank account in the frequency of your choice.

What your fans get

  • The joy of buying sustainable products directly from the producer.
  • New inspiring friendships, and a great story to tell their friends.
  • Savings compared to more “heavyweight” businesses.

What it costs

Our pricing model is very simple. For each sale of a regular 75 cl bottle we will keep:

15 % + €2 (+ shipping costs)

Our commission is used like this:

€2 to cover the costs of excise duties, credit card fixed fee, bottle recycling tax, storage, insurance and handling.

3 % to cover variable credit card and bank fees.

12 % to run, develop, promote and grow the platform

Shipping is initially paid by us. We then divide the shipping cost into a fixed amount per bottle and add that to the fixed commission above (so if you ship 500 bottles at the cost of €200 we will add €0.4 to our commission of each bottle sold).

For magnum (150 cl) bottles the fixed commission is €3.17 instead of €2. The extra €1.17 cover the increased excise duties. Likewise, for bottles smaller than 75 cl the fixed cost is less than €2.

Who are the people behind Libre.vin

My name is Joachim Niclasen. I have worked with wine since 2007 when I got a job in a local wine bar. I was soon managing the place, and I stayed there while I finished my studies at the IT University in Copenhagen.

In 2011 I handed in my thesis about new web-based business models in the wine industry. I immediately began putting the theory into action and created what I called Vinkollektivet (The Wine Collective), an online platform and offline community among small Danish wine importers. That was fun!

In 2014 I started the to import wine myself. I called my company Vinhacker (Wine Hacker) and tried to live up to the cheeky name by turning things (price structures, communication strategies and preferred segments) upside-down. This was also the time I really fell in love with natural wine.

In 2018 I launched a natural wine subscription called Kaoskassen. 2018 was also the year that I hooked up with my business partner, Troels.

In 2019 I took the first baby steps towards learning to grow and make wine myself, when I co-created and joined a 18-month course in collaboration with Danish natural wine producer, Garbolund.

The idea for Libre.vin has lived inside my head for years, and it doesn’t seem to go away. So here I am trying to do what most people probably find naive and impossible: Creating a place for winegrowers to connect directly with their fans, making a better life for themselves and their fans along the way.

Why we do it

We want to see you shine. We want to see you build a business that is every bit as sustainable as your farming. And we only want to invite middlemen if they add real value between you and the consumer. We believe that this is the best way to spread the fruits of your generous work.