Why shall I carry all the risk?

You shall not.

For every shipment of 600 bottles we spend roughly €1,000 on excise duties and shipping, money that we will not get back if the wines don’t sell. In many cases – especially when you’ve gained a good reputation – we will be able to sell 100-300 bottles immediately after arrival (sometimes even before the pallet has been picked-up from you).

If you are used to having a distributor taking all the short-term risk, then this is definitely a different situation. What we are trying to create is a relationship where both sides have a significant amount of “skin in the game”. We believe that we’ve found the right balance and a payment model that will help us move you forward.

How can Libre.vin minimize my risk?

We know this may sound counter-intuitive. After all, you send your wines all the way to Denmark without knowing when you will receive your payment. So yes, there is a short-term risk.

But think about the long term. Which situation is the riskiest:
– Relying on one big customer?
– Or having many smaller customers?

It’s a matter of how many eggs you want to put in one basket. And the fact that the longer you work independently, the more robust you get. Long-term thinking.

What if nobody buys my wines?

There will always be a risk that your wines are not selling. Especially if your wines are completely unknown to the Danish market. This is as much a concern for us as it is to you. So we take it very seriously. That is why we suggest being cautious with the quantities of your first shipments and why we prefer tasting your wines before we start our collaboration.

But in case the situation does arise we will consider the following prioritized solutions:

  1. Does it make sense for us to simply buy the remaining stock?
  2. Could we make an attractive clearance sale?
    (Perhaps in combination with pt. 1)
  3. Should we arrange that the wines be sent back to you?
    (In which case we will ask you to pay for the return shipping, because we paid for the initial shipping. Shipping a pallet can usually be done for around €200-€250)

Again, the best way to avoid this unhappy situation is to increase the quantities slowly from shipment to shipment in order to test the demand.

Are my wines insured while staying with you?


We are taking full responsibility of your wines while they are in our possession. Actually, since we are formally buying your wines (though under special terms) it makes perfect sense that you don’t have to worry about the safety of the bottles.

Will there be a legal agreement between us?

Yes. You will issue an invoice just like you normally do. That is our legal agreement. The only difference between your usual invoices and this one is that there is no due date on the one you issue to Libre.vin.

If you want to sign a mutual agreement between us describing the possible outcomes if things don’t go as planned, that is also possible. Just ask for it.