What happens to my share of the sale once an order have been placed?

Here is every step of your money’s journey from the customer to your bank account.

  1. The full amount is deducted from the customer’s credit/debit card.
  2. Your share enters your Stripe account immediately (in rare cases it takes 2-3 days).
  3. Depending of the payout frequency you’ve chosen, the money will be transferred weekly or monthly to your bank account. It usually takes 3 bank days for the money to arrive.

When will I get paid?

You get paid when the wines are sold through Libre.vin.

After receiving an order, the money is automatically split between you and us. Your share in transferred directly to your Stripe balance, which is paid out to your bank account in your desired frequency, typically weekly or monthly.

You are always welcome to request a manual payout, which is just a click away.