How do I handle each customer order?

You don’t.

You are a vendor on our marketplace so you have access to each individual order. This allows you to see the names and order details of your fans. But you don’t have to handle anything. The only invoice for you to focus on is the invoice you send with each shipment.

Do you need to taste our wines first?

Not necessarily… but it will certainly help to get us on off to a good start!

This is the best answer we can provide to this question. We simply need to decide whether to taste samples on a case-to-case basis.

Why shall I carry all the risk?

You shall not.

For every shipment of 600 bottles we spend roughly €1,000 on excise duties and shipping, money that we will not get back if the wines don’t sell. In many cases – especially when you’ve gained a good reputation – we will be able to sell 100-300 bottles immediately after arrival (sometimes even before the pallet has been picked-up from you).

If you are used to having a distributor taking all the short-term risk, then this is definitely a different situation. What we are trying to create is a relationship where both sides have a significant amount of “skin in the game”. We believe that we’ve found the right balance and a payment model that will help us move you forward.

How do we manage invoices and payments?

The only invoice you need to issue is an invoice for each shipment. Just like you usually do.

Each month you will receive a bank transfer from Stripe. Consider that transfer an installment on the invoice.

We advise you to set up a simple spreadsheet to keep track of invoices, payments and balances. No matter what, you can be sure that we will also keep track of everything!

Do I need to do customers service?

No you don’t need to.

Basic customer service is definitely our job. But we put a lot of effort into delivering more than just what’s expected of any business. Customer service to us is something we do pro-actively. It’s without a doubt our most important task.

We strongly encourage both our customers and winegrowers to interact, and when it comes to questions about your wines no one can answer them better than you. We hope you agree.

Why do you need all that info?

Different people consume information in different ways. The level of details may be more than enough for the novice consumer, but for the professional who aims to communicate the qualities of the wine precisely every information counts. In addition, it’s a strong signal to send that you are not afraid to show complete transparency.