Can you explain the price structure of the marketplace?

The prices on reflect our lightweight approach, and we have purposely created a structure that benefits curiosity more than anything.

  1. Base price
    Each wine has a ‘base price’. This is the price of one single bottle sold to a private customer. This price is in line with typical Danish wine shops. But even the base price can be considered low because the retailer’s (including us) price is probably 10-20% lower than what a traditional importer would be able to offer.
  2. Quantity discount
    We reward our customers for buying larger quantities by offering discounts of 15% and 20% for orders of 6 and 12 bottles respectively.
  3. Rewards for curiosity
    We reward curiosity by applying the quantity discounts across all wines on the marketplace. Put differently, customers can choose 12 different wines from 12 different winegrowers and still obtain a discount of 20%.
  4. Cheap shipping for private customers
    We use part of the profit to offer cheap shipping in Denmark and Europe.
  5. Professionals
    Restaurants, wine bars and wine shops get a separate type of account (PRO account) with extremely attractive terms and prices. In effect, wine shops are in principle able to offer deals as good as those available on, while bars and restaurants are able to sell wines by the glass that would otherwise be too expensive for that.