How will you help us sell our wines in Denmark?

Here is how we will actively help selling your wines.

We are constantly building our email list. Here we present new winegrowers and arrivals, and we update our audience on events. Subscribers are able to select the winegrowers they want to hear from, and we encourage all winegrowers to send a message to their followers every time new wines arrive in Copenhagen.

Vinhacker is our traditional wine import. Besides our connections to restaurants and wine bars across Copenhagen we have loyal group of email subscribers who follow the advise given by Joachim and his personal taste in wine. If Joachim likes a wine of yours, you can be sure his followers will know about it. If a restaurant does not want to pay up-front in the webshop, they can instead buy the wines from Vinhacker with a 15 days credit. We will add 10 % to the price.

Collective NG23
We share our 150 m2 warehouse in central Copenhagen with a couple of like-minded wine importers. We have named the place Collective NG23. Together we maintain weekly opening hours and host private tastings, pro-tastings and public events.

Restaurant visits
We are happy to bring samples to restaurants and wine bars, and we don’t mind spending time with good people who want to spend time with us.

Here is how we will actively help creating awareness of your wines.

Instagram is our official account. Our company has separate accounts for all of our activities, so you can also expect content from joachim_le_vinhacker, kaoskassen and collective_ng23. But of course, the true value of Instagram is its ability to let people tell meaningful stories. If we deliver the goods, perhaps people will tell stories about us.

Vild Vin Festival
Once a year we are co-hosting the Vild Vin Festival, an annual celebration of real wine in Copenhagen. And a growing success. We have a lot of event experience in our team, and we are eager to put it to work. As a part of you are invited to attend free of charge.

A couple of notes…

Network effects and growth
As the platform grows bigger it’s value for everyone involved will increase. When consumers and restaurants buy more wine, more winegrowers will want to join. Making more wine available. And so on, and so on. Easier said than done, but it’s important to know that philosophy: We want to be more useful as we grow, not the other way around. Our goal is to be useful and solve problems, and we see no point in growing for the sake of growth alone.

Other ideas…?
Imagine an online forum where people could learn about wine (regions, growing techniques, production methods, grape varieties) by engaging directly with growers. Or what about a Wiki on (real) wine? We would definitely like to organize wine trips across Europe. Also, creating an ambassador program for your biggest fans in different locations has been an idea for a long time. Got an idea? Let us know!