What it costs

Our pricing model is very simple. For each sale of a regular 75 cl bottle we will keep:

15 % + €2 (+ shipping costs)

Our commission is used like this:

€2 to cover the costs of excise duties, credit card fixed fee, bottle recycling tax, storage, insurance and handling.

3 % to cover variable credit card and bank fees.

12 % to run, develop, promote and grow the platform

Shipping is initially paid by us. We then divide the shipping cost into a fixed amount per bottle and add that to the fixed commission above (so if you ship 500 bottles at the cost of €200 we will add €0.4 to our commission of each bottle sold).

For magnum (150 cl) bottles the fixed commission is €3.17 instead of €2. The extra €1.17 cover the increased excise duties. Likewise, for bottles smaller than 75 cl the fixed cost is less than €2.