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Vale da Capucha Clima 2015

Vale da Capucha Clima 2015

Clima Maritimo

The smoothness of this wine! A carressing touch of dark berries on a sweet licorice backdrop.

It reminds me of southern France and its suntanned Grenache for which, I must admit, I have a soft spot. But there is something else going on. A cool metallic sense of freshness, a thermostat to tame the warmness of the fruit.

It makes sense of course, because we’re not in the Rhône Valley. We are a thousand kilometers south-west just outside Lisbon. More importantly, we’re just a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and its moderating effect on the warm southern sun.

They call it CLIMA MARITIMO.

They named the wine CLIMA.

Get ready for a soft, generous kiss from Vale da Capucha.

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