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Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019

Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019

Piquette fun

Piquette is a low alcohol wine traditionally made for vineyard workers to quench their thirst during or after a hard day’s work in the sun.

The recipe is simply:

After pressing the grape pomace to extract the remainder of its juice, you pour over some spring water and let it ferment a second time.


The result is a light, juicy and extremely refreshing wine.

It’s not a wine whose aromatic complexity you will dwell on for very long. Instead it’s a wine for immediate enjoyment. And a wine that you may choose to drink on occasions where you’d usually reach for a beer. A beverage for good times.

Piquette is fun!

And so is Fabien’s one liter of ‘Piquette Oldschool’.

(At 9,5% of alcohol)

Just have a look at the bottle…

– which displays one of six different labels…

– with one of six cheeky underpants designs…

– one of each in a case.

Fabien Jouves Piquette Oldschool 2019 (1L)

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